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FIAT, Virtual Currencies, Tokens and CFD Trade

An off-the-shelf solution allowing the launch of a new trading platform from scratch.

Automated purchase/sale of virtual currencies, tokens, as well as purchase and sale for fiat money and CFD trading on virtual currencies.


Our listing policy is transparent and unbeatable for any competitor. We offer your token showing in 3 pairs xxx/btc, xxx/eth, xxx/krc, FREE LISTING promotion in October. Just make available a token's pool to airdrop weekly to any customer that trades your coin, calculated on the amount of krc present on each wallet. For any question, contact us. If you want to go through the listing process, please, submit your detail in the form.

Is it Coin or Token?
Coin/Token Name (e. g Kineticex)
Token/coin price at ICO (e.g xxx/eth, xxx/ different chain)
Which base chain is your coin/token on (if applicable, e.g ETH)
Which coin are you forked/cloned from (with version number)
Official Coin Ticker (e.g KRC). If not CMC it may not be a same name ticker.
Github source link / Github release (Proof Requirement)
Coin Market Cap page link (if available)
BitcoinTalk ANN Page (if no CoinMarketCap)
Link to Logo, (Dimensions must be minimum 200x200px and image must be transparent PNG required)
MAXIMUM supply. (e.g. 200,000,000). If unlimited, provide calculated maximum supply in 5 years.
Company Certificate of Corporation Document (PDF only)
Company Certificate of Incumbency Document (PDF only)
Your Discord Username (Join ours:
Contact email address (must be your company email e.g )
You need to verify manually that the payment request comes from one of the following person "Kineticex#5332" (ID:489004028546646019) as there are scammers claiming to be from Kineticex. Do not send coins to an address that is not provided by the above persons. Additionally you can join our server and confirm that the user has full consciousness of the rules of kinetic revolution Ltd, please check the box.