FIAT, Virtual Currencies, Tokens and CFD Trade

An off-the-shelf solution allowing the launch of a new trading platform from scratch.

Automated purchase/sale of virtual currencies, tokens, as well as purchase and sale for fiat money and CFD trading on virtual currencies.


Fee for Trading

0.1% trading fee

If you have any KRC, we will use KRC to pay for transaction fees as default. A 50% discount will be applied, if you use KRC for transaction fees, which is 0.05%

Cash accounts are designed to perform exchange transactions on Kinetice Exchange Platform.

A customer may deposit funds to a Cash account which will then be used as assets. An asset is a parameter used to determine the volume of FIAT or Crypto currency owned by the customer.

When performing trade operations on Kinetic Exchange Platform, a physical exchange of one currency for another takes place, i.e. one asset is exchanged for another at the currently available exchange rate. All transactions are carried out in the following manner: asset X is exchanged for asset Y at the exchange rate X/Y available in the terminal at the time of transaction. As the result, the values of balances expressed in assets X and Y in the customer’s Cash account change. The values of assets on Cash accounts are recalculated after each exchange transaction or a balance operation.

On Cash accounts, you can make exchange transactions and place pending orders. The full amount of asset intended for exchange will be reserved to ensure a pending order execution.

You may simultaneously trade on multiple Cash accounts.

Please note that you are unable to withdraw funds directly from a Cash account. Funds withdrawals are only available through eWallet - the main control tool in Kineticex personal area to manage your funds and trading accounts with Kineticex.

Cash account


0.1% Taker / 0.1% Maker

  All KRC holdings will be subject to a 50% free  
  The brokerage commission was introduced 0.1% of 40 F1 and 0.05% of 10 F2 on total trading volume  
  Taker fee is charged for market, Stop, IOC Limit, and Limit orders with hidden volume.
Maker fee is charged for Limit orders (except IOC Limit and Limit with hidden volume).

Trading platform

Kinetic Exchange Platform: Web terminal, Mobile terminal, and Desktop terminal

API trading available

Yes: FIX, WebREST, WebSockets



Financial instruments

Crypto pairs, Gold,